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Adam Gamoran

Transforming Teaching in Math and Science: How Schools and Districts Can Support Change (Sociology of Education Series (New York, N.Y.).)

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ISBN: 0807743097
Издательство: Teachers College Press
Teachers often want to learn new ideas and approaches to improve their teaching, but their efforts are often blocked by structural constraints in their districts and schools. How can schools overcome these barriers to provide more supportive environmentsfor change? The authors answer this question through the study of six cases of schools and districts where teachers and researchers collaborated to develop teaching for understanding in math and science. This new book features: * A new conceptual model of how school resources relate to teaching and learning, focusing not only on material resources such as time and money but also on human and social resources * Methods that administrators can use to support teachers who want to improve their teaching of math and science * Elements that professional developers should look for in a school environment when they are considering working with staff on teaching improvements * Answers to important questions, including how schools operate as...
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