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Partha Bose

Alexander the Great's Art of Strategy: The Timeless Leadership Lessons of History's Greatest Empire Builder

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ISBN: 1592400531
Издательство: Gotham Books
Год издания: 2004
Book Description A rousing biography that shows how to put the tactics and insights of history?s greatest conqueror to work for you. Throughout the ages, Alexander the Great has been celebrated for building an empire that spanned from Greece to India by the time he was thirty-three. Today he continues to inspire business, government, and military magnates?and leaders from Ted Turner to Norman Schwarzkopf have brought his techniques and vision to boardrooms and battlefields in achieving their success. In Alexander the Great?s Art of Strategy , Partha Bose follows Alexander?s life and military campaigns and shows how you can employ his leadership lessons to conquer today?s challenges in commerce, politics, and life. Bose combines his preeminent knowledge of the business world with his passionate study of Alexander to bring to life case studies of winning corporations?such as Dell, General Electric, and Wal-Mart?that have followed the example...
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