Обложка книги The Art of War for Executives

The Art of War for Executives

ISBN: 0399531505;
Издательство: Perigee Trade
Страниц: 144

Success is an art form that few can master. But countless business professionals have looked to Sun Tzu as their mentor and gained a competitive advantage from his classic wisdom. His ancient principles of war, reinterpreted for the modern businessperson, offer the skills to gain an advantage and achieve success in the workplace-and the strategies to win at work when battles arise: - Learn to compete-but never lose emotional control - Do it right-proper planning leads to success - Know the facts-whenever possible, rely on first-hand knowledge - Expect the worst-and have the resources to counter any setback - Seize the day-speed and innovation are the keys to staying ahead - Do it better-innovation is an invincible weapon

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