Обложка книги Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, Volume 9

Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, Volume 9


ISBN: 076230586X;
Издательство: Elsevier Science Ltd

Hardbound. Reflecting the perspectives of disciplines ranging from labor economics to organizational sociology to industrial psychology, the papers included in volume 9 constitute a rich mix of new and unusual research approaches to and findings about important contemporary industrial relations and workplace topics. Among the topics represented in these papers are the evolution of worker attitudes at Mitsubishi Motors, pay satisfaction and skill acquisition under skilled-based pay systems, new payment systems for British telephony personnel, and dual and unilateral employee loyalty. Other papers in this volume conceptually and empirically explore comparative institutional approaches to the firm and labor-management relations, the philosophies of Americanand Canadian unions, a sequential investment-bargaining model of striker replacement legislation, and the ideology of wildcat strikes and shop floor governance. Four of these papers were winners of the 2<