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Philip M. Nufrio

Changing Organizational Culture: A Study of the National Government

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ISBN: 0761820205
Издательство: University Press of America
Since the 1970s there has been a growing interest in examining the nature of organizational culture and change. In "Changing Organizational Culture: A Study of the National Government," author Philip Nufrio takes this examination one step further by exploring the use of multivariate statistics and applying them in a time-based study. As a result, Dr. Nufrio offers valuable insight into the organizational impact of the National Performance Review on the federal cabinet executive agencies. His conclusion: that the measurement model does not support evidence of significant cultural change during the NPR implementation, despite certain cultural questions that experienced change within these agencies. Rather, the conclusions drawn from this landmark study validate those of the literature in their assertion that teamwork is an important variable in defining organizational culture. Add to this Dr. Nufrio's theory that the development of reward systems might in fact be an indicator of...
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