Обложка книги Lubrication for Industry

Lubrication for Industry

ISBN: 083113061X;
Издательство: Industrial Press

Written for maintenance managers and practitioners, Lubrication for Industry provides a fundamental understanding of how and why effective lubrication practices are an essential aspect of industrial equipment maintenance. Focuses on the practical daily aspects of lubrication that impact productivity. Covers, in detail, failure analysis, costing techniques, modes of friction, generations of lubricants, oil and grease classifications and evaluations (including animal/vegetable, mineral, and synthetic),viscosity and other oil and grease standards and characteristics, lubricant compatibility guidelines, how to calculate bearing and other lubrication requirements, preventive maintenance including wear particle analysis, and filter rating and classifications. Provides ten case studies drawn from the author's consulting experiences that emphasize the importance of developing and implementing effective, long-term solutions for lubrication, maintenance engineering, and maintenance...