Обложка книги Managing Power Through Lateral Networking

Managing Power Through Lateral Networking


ISBN: 1567203345;
Издательство: Quorum Books

The implementation of new ideas in organizations is often hampered by the political dynamics of lateral relationships. The authors of this book offer a balance of theory and cases designed to give managers and executives strategies for dealing with powerrelationships in an effective way. This book highlights common mistakes people make in managing lateral relationships. Most problems concern misunderstandings about the political realities that arise from underlying power distribution inherent in any organization. The authors offer a roadmap based on real-life dilemmas faced by both new and seasoned managers in order to help solve seemingly unsolvable problems. Using ideas from the resource-dependence paradigm they also model and diagram lateral relationships in a way that allows for effective plans of action. Managers, executives, and MBA students will find this synthesis of theory and practice an important tool for building a model for success.