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Sigrid Quack, Glenn Morgan, Richard Whitley

National Capitalism, Global Competition, and Economic Performance (Advances in Organization Studies)

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ISBN: 1556197462
Издательство: John Benjamins Publishing Co
Why are some firms successful on global markets whilst others are not? In this collection of papers, a group of distinguished international researchers examine the inter-relationship between national context, firm performance and global competitiveness. In a series of empirical studies covering major industries (such as banking, telecommunications, construction, automobiles, and airlines) in a number of European countries (Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Finland, Slovenia), the studies show how distinctive patterns of firm competencies and capabilities arise from national contexts. These influence the way in which firms perform in response to changing technologies and competitive pressures. Thus the impact of the globalisation of economic activity may be to reinforce existing national differences in firm performance rather than producing a homogenisation and standardisation. This book will be of interest to researchers in business and management, sociology, economics and...
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