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Yasuhiko Takahara, Mihajlo D. Mesarovic

Organization Structure: Cybernetic Systems Foundation (Ifsr International Series on Systems Science and Engineering, V. 22)

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ISBN: 0306478080
Издательство: Plenum Publishing Corporation
Organization Structure: Cybernetic Systems Foundation utilizes a cybernetic systems framework for the study of organizations using GST (General Systems Theory) and presents a comprehensive formal view of organizations assessing regulation, coordination and adaptation managements. The use of GST in this book is in sharp contrast to previous attempts. It addresses structural problems totally based on qualitative, non-numerical mathematics. The book lays a framework for initial efforts to investigate the potential of using formal GST to address organizational dilemmas. The text has been tested in several graduate courses. It can serve as an excellent textbook or reference for graduate level research in this field, as well as a reference for researchers in related fields.
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