Обложка книги Regression Analysis: Statistical Modeling of A Response Variable

Regression Analysis: Statistical Modeling of A Response Variable

ISBN: 0122674758;
Издательство: Academic Press

Regression Analysis provides students with the skills and techniques necessary for the intelligent statistical analysis of a response variable. The book underscores statistical concepts, de-emphasizes formulas, and incorporates real data from the most popular package at this level, SAS. Regression Analysis also covers other linear models such as analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, analysis of a binary response variable, as well as an introduction to nonlinear regression. * Discusses the analysis of data including estimation, diagnostics, and remedial actions * Includes examples and exercises which contain both real and simulated data * Emphasizes computer implementation and methods * Provides many references for related and more advanced methods * Supported by instructor's manual containing data sets on disk

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