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Edgar H. Schein

Strategic Pragmatism: The Culture of Singapore's Economics Development Board

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ISBN: 0262193671, 9780262193672
Издательство: MIT Press
foreword by Lester Thurow "Schein's readers will find in this book a source of inspiration: the simple fact that good management works. In addition to its theoretical and practical strengths, Strategic Pragmatism is particularly relevant for cross-cultural understanding. Western business managers, corporate executives, government agencies and international organizations' officers have lacked books whch clinically analyse the anatomy, physiology and psychology of Asian, non-Japanese organizations. This book clearly fills part of the gap." -- Philippe Lasserre, Professor of Strategy and Management, INSEAD Euro Asia Centre "Ed Schein's truly original book recreates the cultural history of a key institution which made possible the "miracle" of Singapore,one of East Asia's "little dragons." As far as I know, there is nothing to compare which what Schein has done in this study. Through detailed interviewing and full access to Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB) records, Schein...