Обложка книги Technology Management and Corporate Strategies

Technology Management and Corporate Strategies

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ISBN: 0444821732;
Издательство: North-Holland

Hardbound. State-of-the-art statements in technology-related issues of business policy are presented in this volume. All aspects of technology policy which managers have to cope with are covered, including: R&D management, technological developments as related to corporate strategy, procedures conducive to innovation, matching technological development trends and so on. In order to provide a global world perspective, contributions have been made by authors from Europe, the US and Japan. Each author presents an articulated framework of his/her topic, based on personal research, with due consideration of the analytical tools presently available to managers and strategists. The authors of each single chapter contribute comments to the others. The book will provide useful indications for scholars and professionals, students, R&D managers, strategists and planners, and all general managers who have to deal with technological decisions and issues.

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