Обложка книги The Company of the Future: Markets, Tools, and Strategies

The Company of the Future: Markets, Tools, and Strategies


ISBN: 3540658610;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag Telos

The art of managing innovative companies is disclosed in this unique book which resulted from the first common EU-MITI project. The Company of the Future will need new management tools in order to meet four essential requirements: The first three are to redirect the attention of management to the internal challenges, to reveal problems well before final financial data are available, and to integrate basic management concepts from all business functions (marketing, R&D, production, services, finance, strategy). The fourth requirement is that tools should be simple enough to be implemented by busy people and sufficiently sophisticated to meet the challenges of the future. This book reveals those practical, simple and effective tools for global success and competitiveness. "This is a challenging book about the likely shape of companies in the 21st century." (David T. Thompson)

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