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Roger J. Volkema

The Negotiation Toolkit: How to Get Exactly What You Want in Any Business or Personal Situation

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ISBN: 081448008X, 9780814480083
Издательство: AMACOM
The word "negotiation" is rooted in the Latin negotium, meaning "not leisure"(as in, that which is not leisure is business). In Old French, "negociacion" meant "dealing with people." Both definitions, though archaic, are right on the mark because the fact is that all dealings between people--whether social or business--constitute negotiation. The Negotiation Toolkit offers a fresh new approach to mastering these two crucial skills. Unlike other books (which just offer basic advice), this hands-on workbook integrates questions and answers, self-assessments, mini-surveys, feedback measures, and action challenges to help readers build personal confidence and negotiating prowess. Readers will learn: * the "golden rule" of negotiation * three fundamental questions of negotiation * when not to negotiate * eight behaviors of star negotiators, and much more. Written in a lively, entertaining style, this book will help anyone--even unnatural negotiators--triumph at the...
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