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Complexity Theory And The Management Of Networks: Proceedings Of The Workshop On Organisational Networks as Distributed Systems of Knowledge University of Lecce, Italy, 2001

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ISBN: 1860944604
Издательство: Imperial College Press
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionOne of the challenges facing today?s management is to develop theories and practices that address the dynamics of business networks. Complexity theory has much to contribute to this purpose. Thus, this volume focuses on exploring theemerging patterns of order and discussing the new management practices suitable to the network economy. Its presents a multidisciplinary analysis of modern businesses as complex systems and some managerial implications of managing complex networks in theknowledge economy. It discusses the impact of major forces that are altering today?s business landscape, such as sweeping technological changes, unbundling of integrated structures, growing interdependence between once-independent sectors and increased unpredictability of strategy outcomes. The result has been and will increasingly be the dominion of complex interconnected networks in business. Some of the distinguished contributors include Bill McKelvey from UCLA, Richard...