Обложка книги Entropy Vector: Connecting Science and Business

Entropy Vector: Connecting Science and Business

ISBN: 9812385711;
Издательство: World Scientific Pub Co Inc

Book DescriptionHow do managers and entrepreneurs evaluate risk, encourage creativity or manage change? Might a better grasp of science help? The authors of this book suggest that there is real value in trying to connect science to business and that science is far too important just to be left to the scientists. All of science is too large a prospect, so the authors limit themselves to looking at disorder. We must all learn to manage and control change, and there is plenty of social, technical and business change going on. The authors suggest that a clearer understanding of entropy and the choices it presents will assist in that management of change ? or, as they put it, to manage disorder one needs to control the entropy vector. This book is for scientists and engineers aspiring to business success and for business people interested in new approaches.