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John Davenport, Mary Gotschall

Bridging the Atlantic: How Eight Small American Businesses Succeeded in Europe (And How You Can Too!)

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ISBN: 089834154X
Издательство: U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Are you a small or medium-sized company executive who would like to go international? Wondering how to expand into the European Union (EU), a rapidly growing market of over 300 million consumers? There are many reasons to export or expand your operations to Europe. With an increasingly integrated economy, Europe is the world's largest trading bloc and a massive, affluent consumer market. All 15 member countries of the European Union enjoy the free movement of capital, goods and labor, and in 2002, willalso have one common currency, known as the "euro" (on Jan. 1, 1999, banking and finance industries began their changeover to the euro). The EU's success at reducing tariffs, eliminating border checks and unifying its currencies makes doing business throughout Europe almost as simple as doing business between Cincinnati and Dallas. Including Europe in your business plan does not require you to be an expert in international business. There are now large numbers of small and...