Обложка книги Journey to the Impossible

Journey to the Impossible

ISBN: 0971481504;
Издательство: Creative Crayon

Join Scott on an exciting Journey?a Journey where the Impossible transforms into a physical reality. Learn how to achieve impossible results in every area of your life. Unlock five magic words to transform your life. Discover how to master your health with six pure energy principles. Unravel the ultimate secret behind innovation. Master the power of Playful Defiance. Written in short, fun bites of information, Journey to the Impossible creates an entertaining and enlightening experience thatprovides the reader with valuable tools to take control of your life and begin an incredible adventure. Just one of these new ideas, one new lesson, or one innovative strategy can change the quality of your life forever. The resources, ideas, and mental clarity you will enjoy after reading this book will enable you to design, produce, and achieve all the things you once thought inconceivable.

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