Обложка книги Joy at Work

Joy at Work

ISBN: 0967386969;
Издательство: JAW Publishing

Many people are dissatisfied with their work, and the reasons are many and varied. Joy at Work presents work as a system composed of many interdependent components. The components of the system of work can be broadly separated into two categories: thosecomponents relating to the individual and those relating to the organization. Individual work factors include how a career choice is made, self-esteem, and ethics. Organizational factors include the philosophy of management used, performance appraisals, teamwork, and leadership. Once all the factors that affect a person?s enjoyment at work are identified, there is a basis for exploring which factors lead to satisfaction or dissatisfaction for an individual. Joy at Work also includes a chapter onthe spiritual and service aspects of work. Solid suggestions are offered for both the employee and the employer alike on how to make work more enjoyable, while also increasing the effectiveness of an organization.