Обложка книги Let Me Help You With Your Business

Let Me Help You With Your Business


ISBN: 0967908302;
Издательство: Brand-Wayn Publications

Let Me Helps You With Your Business: How I made a fortune by following these three steps; Motivation; Marketing; Management. This is a unique book of advice on business written by Rozy, a self-made millionaire. The business principles in the book are highlighted with lots of true and entertaining stories from Rozy business experience. Written for people who are in business and want to be more successful and for people who want, hope, and dream of starting their own business. Rozy shares her true-life success story. Against all odds, in her mid-fifties, Rozy started a business, competed for sales with huge companies, and made a fortune. By telling of her ups and downs and ultimate success, Rozy's book inspires and encourages readers to believe in themselves. As Rozy say, "They will know, if I can do it so can they."

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