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Ron Rubin

Success at Life: A Zentrepreneur's Guide--How to Catch and Live Your Dream (Success @ Life)

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ISBN: 1557045380
Издательство: Newmarket Press
Cheryl Richardson, Tom Peters, and Jeffrey Fox are among the many who rave about this inspiring guide from the two self-described "zentrepreneurs" who run the unique, socially-conscious company where life and work are an interconnected adventure. While an entrepreneur creates a business, a Zentrepreneur creates a business and a life. Rubin and Gold's unusual?and highly successful?approach to business and life invite the question: What is the secret? Their answer in a nutshell: They do whatthey love. Is it possible for anyone to create the life that they want? Yes, say Rubin and Gold, if they prepare their mind to do so. With humor and clarity, Rubin and Gold share their personal experiences and their philosophy, encouraging readers to resist negative feedback ("dreamkilling"), take risks, set goals, find a mentor, learn from failure, and live a life of balance and harmony.