Обложка книги The Game

The Game

ISBN: 0738856096;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation

Success in corporate America depends on one's ability to get in the game, master the fundamentals, execute offensively, play one's position, and compete to win! The Game is a complete resource for what it takes to win at work. A must buy if the reader is: graduating college and entering a professional job, already a new hire, an intern or temp seeking permanent employment, already on the job, but suspect something is keeping him from promotions or recognition, already working, but needs an edge, or preparing to enter the workplace for the first time or again! "I'm a retired professional athlete and now a businessman. To win at work the way I did on the field, I find I use many of the mental preparations, team-player principles, and rules referenced in this book." Fred Barnett, former Philadelphia Eagle and Miami Dolphin