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D. J. Vanas, D. J. Eagle Bear Vanas

The Tiny Warrior: A Path To Personal Discovery & Achievement

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ISBN: 0740733885
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Why seek outside answers when you already possess the resources and power you need' In a world moving faster than ever, the challenge to stay connected to others, your visions, and yourself is great. The Tiny Warrior teaches how to look inward and find strength by learning to use your warrior spirit. In Native American traditions, warriors had a creed-to develop themselves as assets to the village they served. Your "village" can be your family, community, company, clients, or the world-anyone you serve. The warrior concept transcends race, gender, or age. Noted Native American speaker turned author D. J. Eagle Bear Vanas uses wisdom from his Odawa Indian roots and his path as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and later as an entrepreneur to interweave the Native tradition of storytelling with practical key bits of knowledge to live and learn by.By following Vanas's direction, you can develop your talent and ability to better serve and defend others. As a bonus, Vanas includes...