Обложка книги 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work


ISBN: 1576750191; 5-98995-012-8; 9781576750193;
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Страниц: 246

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work is a definitive book on how to have fun in the work environment. The authors present over 300 real-life examples of what individuals and companies are doing to create an atmosphere of fun in the workplace that can be replicated by anyone who works in any size or type of organization. Hemsath and Yerkes offer ideas for instilling an element of fun into a range of business functions-from office environment, to meetings, training, communication, hiring, recognition, team building, and "simple acts of fun." They show that creating a fun atmosphere in the workplace increases productivity and morale and has a positive effect on the bottom line. Most importantly, they give readers the tools to have more fun at work, no matter where they work, or what position they're in.

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