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Eric Schiffer

Emotionally Charged Learning: Secrets to Competitive Advantages for the Second Half of the Knowledge/Entertainment-Based Economy

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ISBN: 0971695822
Издательство: Literary Press
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionIn Emotionally Charged Learning you will explore the new and innovative management discovery that is creating a National curiosity. Discover how the forces of education, sophisticated entertainment and emotions join with a vengeance to create an astonishing and interesting phenomenon, which makes today's learning and knowledge transfer a powerful and exciting emotion filled experience and the ultimate benchmark for learning organizations. Defined within these highly compelling and revealing pages, is an essential and scientifically researched new vision for management and educators that integrates a first of its kind emotion driven learning process needed to maximize the retention of anything to excel. Emotionally Charged Learning will show you how you and your employees can become knowledge masters and allow your organization to remain competitive by teaching your employees via the Emotionally Charged Learning process to better learn, grow and achieve more....