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Bob Thomas

The Fail-Proof Enterprise: A Success Model for Entrepreneurs

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ISBN: 0916308510
Издательство: Hillsdale College Press/IHC Books
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionThis is a "how-to"(and a "how not-to") book for entrepreneurs. It guides the reader through the minefield of getting into business and, more important, successfully remaining in business with very little money. With an entertaining, case-study approach, the book discusses funding, organization, sales, marketing, management, partnership compatibility, merchandising, control, lawsuits, patents, and selling out or going public at the proper time. It shows how author Bob Thomas' "Ten Essentials of the Fail-Proof Enterprise" actually work in the real world and why. It respects the basics of business and helps minimize the luck factor when establishing and building a business, saving luck for those times when even the best prepared end up needing some.