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Barry Siskind

Eagles Must Soar : 7 Simple Strategies for Living a Life With Certainty

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ISBN: 0470834684, 9780470834688
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionBUSINESS SELF-HELP There is nothing so inspiring as the sight of an eagle, soaring magnificently in the sky. But down here on the earth, with our doubts, debts, worries and woes, it's hard to imagine being so confident, so carefree. There's always a new obstacle in our way--and we're not even sure that we're on the right path to begin with! Must we keep chasing after a goal that never seems any closer? Are we fated to live uncertain, unsatisfying lives? No, says bestselling author and professional speaker Barry Siskind. In Eagles Must Soar, he shows you how you can live a life with certainty through seven simple strategies. With each strategy, you'll move closer and closer to a life free from worry--the life you are meant to live. With moving anecdotes and plainspoken insight, Siskind will take you on an amazing journey to your true potential. Soon, you'll spread your wings and soar--the sky's the limit!