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John Hensel

You, Inc: The Most Important Enterprise in the Twenty-First Century

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ISBN: 059527496X
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2004
Book Description YOU, Inc. is all about you --and your future. The ideas, principles, and strategies in YOU, Inc. will enable you to launch your life to the next level and beyond by discovering your passion and taking effective action to build the pillars of personal greatness and reach your unique, powerful potential. YOU, Inc. is about re-inventing yourself, living by your own rules, having big fun, and finding the happiness and contentment that you deserve. John takes you ona journey through the depths of your psyche, asking tough questions and appealing to your deepest motivation to make life-launching decisions and personal charges. His powerful stories and principles get to the heart of the matter, inspiring you to take immediate action. To make your action steps effective and significant, you will learn how to apply the following innovative, world-class strategies: Leadership Acuity, Imagineering, Mental Entrepreneurship, Personal Greatness,...