Обложка книги 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff (151 Quick Ideas)

151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff (151 Quick Ideas)

ISBN: 1564148297;
Издательство: Career Press

Book DescriptionFor most businesses, attracting new employees and getting your existing employees to succeed is a never-ending task. It?s often rooted in inefficient hiring practices, misunderstood motivational techniques, inadequate training, and high employee turnover. The results: low productivity and poor performance leading to lower revenue, unhappy customers, and endless management headaches. Jerry Wilson?s 151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff takes the mystery out of motivating employees to achieve personal and business success. The basic concept: Inspire your employees to create and maintain delighted repeat customers! This book demonstrates that business owners don?t have to constantly replace employees or use artificialincentives and harsh methods to get employees to help the business succeed. Wilson shows business owners and managers how to do it themselves without the pain and suffering. And you don?t have to invent any new approaches,...