Обложка книги Discovery : Extraordinary Results From Everyday Learning

Discovery : Extraordinary Results From Everyday Learning

ISBN: 1904879233;
Издательство: Cyan Communications

Book Description Recognizing the constraints of traditional forms of training in the fast-paced and competitive business world, the suggestions in this inspirational book propose a new path to learning and discovery. Drawing on original research, interviews, and experience working with successful businesspeople across a wide range of companies, this guide explains that valuable lessons can be found in unexpected places simply by knowing how and where to look. Such unexpected places include the theater, literature, music, the arts, the achievements of great explorers and statesmen, and even in relationships with children. The author's research strongly suggests that successful businesspeople learn best in less formal and more efficient ways, and, moreimportantly, their learning is taken to a new level when they are stimulated and interested. By tapping into these rich sources of learning, any businessperson can apply these techniques to his or her working life and career.