Обложка книги Sophia's Fire

Sophia's Fire

ISBN: 0976815001;
Издательство: G&v Publishing, Inc.

Book DescriptionIntroduction An amazing fact about the human condition is that every human has at least one natural talent that can be developed to excellence. The capacity for self-refinement and development is remarkable in humans once this natural talent(s) has been identified. When it comes to attaining excellence and greatness, therefore, no human is incapable. How is worldly success made? How do ordinary people become great? Is it luck, or perhaps destiny? Sophia's (wisdom's) fire answersthese questions by resurrecting the greats, whose minds decorated our world, and whose words now demystify the pursuit of worldly success. The paths to greatness are daunting, and therein, even merit desires mercy. What better mercy than the wisdom of those who have been there and have conquered. In the pursuit of worldly success, there is only one person that matters - you, and only one time that matters - now. Regardless of your perception of the universe and your fundamental...