Обложка книги Negotiation: Theory and Practice

Negotiation: Theory and Practice


ISBN: 9041188967;
Издательство: Kluwer Law International

This course book is designed for upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Most books on negotiation target either a non-academic audience or teachers in a specific discipline. This book targets an academic audience without focusingon a specific discipline. Its sound decisional models and analytical scrutiny combine with a broad cross-disciplinary perspective to give its readers a full understanding of the bargaining process. Features: * Cross-disciplinary approach rather thannarrow focus; * Reliable and verifiable models for successful and constructive negotiation; and * Expert analytical commentary. Benefits: * Cross-disciplinary approach permits user to expand perspective to fit `real-world' situations; * Application and use of decisional models can permit examination of soundness of approach to particular situations; and * Commentary permits user to expand and reshape models to take in all pertinent factors. Audience: Law schools...