Обложка книги Seal the Deal: 130 Surefire Negotiating Strategies

Seal the Deal: 130 Surefire Negotiating Strategies

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ISBN: 0393325199;
Издательство: W.W. Norton & Company

From soft sell to hardball, from sweet persuasion to total war, these powerful bargaining tactics help you win every time. An indispensable tool for anyone who ever has to negotiate, haggle, or bargain, Seal the Deal teaches you the real art of the deal in only one hour. These 130 proven negotiating tips, tactics, and strategies work equally well in a rug bazaar, a car showroom, a lawyer's office, or a corporate boardroom. You'll learn when to cooperate, when to flee, when to parry and stall for time?and when to attack. This book is designed for fast reference and maximum utility, with tactics keyed by graphics that indicate friendly, neutral, or hardball. It moves from overall negotiating psychology to maneuvers suited for short, protracted, stalled, and professional negotiations, to countering an opponent's dirty tricks. Once you've used Seal the Deal , you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Originally published as The Haggler's Handbook...