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Theodore W. Kheel

The Keys to Conflict Resolution: Proven Methods of Resolving Disputes Voluntarily

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ISBN: 1568581343
Издательство: Four Walls Eight Windows
Over the last six decades, lawyer, businessman, and philanthropist Ted Kheel has resolved thousands of national and international disputes involving labor, business, civil rights, and the environment. In The Keys to Conflict Resolution, Kheel spells out his strategies for successful negotiation. In easy-to-follow language, he explains why the "soft touch" is often the surest method to bringing adversaries to the bargaining table -- and more importantly, getting them each to walk away from that table witha goal accomplished. Kheel takes readers behind the scenes to legendary negotiations, some successful and some not. He shows how the same principles used in defusing confrontations between unions and bosses and between nations can be employed in everydaylife.
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