Обложка книги Citizenship Now (A Longman Topics Reader)

Citizenship Now (A Longman Topics Reader)

ISBN: 0321117670;
Издательство: Longman
Страниц: 256

Book Description Citizenship Now examines the meaning of citizenship in our changing society and encourages participation in revitalizing our communities. This brief collection of readings focuses on the crucial role of the citizen in the democratic process. Thought-provoking selections ask readers to think about timely and relevant issues: civil liberties vs. increased national security; consumerist values and environmental responsibility; immigration and the needfor educational reform. Divided into five chapters, each features six or seven essays of varying lengths. Brief apparatus helps individuals write more thoughtfully in response to the selections and think more critically about their roles as citizens. Individuals interested in reading selections designed to encourage active citizenship in today's changing society. Ford_Ford Citizenship_Now SMP.doc Page 1 of 1

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