Обложка книги Essential Negotiation (The Economist Series)

Essential Negotiation (The Economist Series)

ISBN: 5-9693-0073-X; 1861975708;
Издательство: Bloomberg Press

Book DescriptionAlmost every aspect of business involves negotiating skills, whether you are striking a deal, organizing a team, working on a project, or seeking a pay raise. This handy-sized, practical A-Z gives a broad range of insights into the best negotiation techniques from an expert in the field. Good negotiation is a way to maintain good relationships with those who supply our needs. Both parties can win from a transaction in completely different ways. Negotiation is also sometimes a dirty game and manipulative ploys such as blackmail, intimidation and environmental factors are sometimes used to influence negotiations. Essential Negotiation reveals tips for neutralizing these hardball tactics and coming out ahead.

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