Обложка книги Mind and Heart of the Negotiator, The (3rd Edition)

Mind and Heart of the Negotiator, The (3rd Edition)

ISBN: 0131407384;
Издательство: Prentice Hall; 3 edition
Страниц: 456

This book is dedicated to negotiators who want to improve their ability to negotiate whether that be multimillion-dollar business deals or personal interactions. Many books address the issues of negotiation, so why this one? If I were to cite a single reason why I wrote a book in this saturated field it is this: The science of negotiation can help people dramatically improve their ability to negotiate economically better deals and also psychologically better deals. Simply stated: You can improve your monetary returns and feel better about yourself and the people you deal with. This book contains an integration of theory, scientific research, and practical examples. Moreover, the practical examples selected from hundreds of real-world negotiations involving people from several companies illustrate effective as well as ineffective negotiation skills. Here is what you can expect when you read this book: Illustrative case studies and real-life negotiations: I have included several...

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