Обложка книги The Everyday Negotiator

The Everyday Negotiator

ISBN: 0874257980;
Издательство: HRD Press, Inc

Book DescriptionNever again pay the sticker price, accept what is given or engage in an unproductive argument?when you could negotiate the outcome you really want. With The Everyday Negotiator, even beginners can learn to understand the negotiation process and how to use it in everyday, real-life situations. Practical tactics for work and life The author presents two practical negotiation models: A quick model you can use in friendly, less involved negotiations and a comprehensive model you can use in complex, detailed negotiations in which the stakes are high. The book is one of the most empowering you?ll ever read. It walks you through every aspect of the negotiation process, providing proven tactics from beginning to end: Preparation Choose a strategy Initial offer?getting started Counteroffers?the give and take Pressure bargaining Key methods: Achieving progress Reaching agreement Each tactic is briefly...

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