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Alexander Cooley

Logics of Hierarchy: The Organization of Empires, States, and Military Occupation

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ISBN: 0801443865
Издательство: Cornell University Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionPolitical science has had trouble generating models that unify the study of the formation and consolidation of various types of states and empires. The business-administration literature, however, has long experience in observing organizations. According to a dominant model in this field, business firms generally take one of two forms: unitary (U) or multidivisional (M). The U-form organizes its various elements along the lines of administrative functions, whereas the M-form governs its periphery according to geography and territory. In Logics of Hierarchy, Alexander Cooley applies this model to political hierarchies across different cultures, geographical settings and historical eras to explain a variety of seemingly disparate processes:state formation, imperial governance, and territorial occupation. Cooley illustrates the power of this formal distinction with detailed accounts of the experiences of Central Asian republics in the Soviet and post-Soviet eras, and...
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