Обложка книги Airline: A Strategic Management Simulation (4th Edition)

Airline: A Strategic Management Simulation (4th Edition)


ISBN: 0130654884;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Easy to start-up and use?even for readers with no computer experience?this Windows based strategic management simulation turns individuals into teams with the responsibility of running a regional airline. By analyzing a company's history, financial reports, and other information provided, the teams make decisions concerning hiring, forecasting, suppliers to use, costs, etc. Teams are challenged to establish objectives, plan the strategy to accomplish those objectives, and then operate the airline on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Each team's decisions are input into a computer which acts as the flying public and assigns sales to each firm based on the decisions each has made. Team members are shown how to keep adequate records, analyze happenings and develop relationships, effectively organize the team, and delegate the work. For use by various organizations promoting team building, strategic management, and marketing strategy.

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