Обложка книги Applied Strategic Planning, An Introduction (3-hole Punched Manual)

Applied Strategic Planning, An Introduction (3-hole Punched Manual)


ISBN: 0883903180; 9780883903186;
Издательство: Pfeiffer

Plan future organizational success! Keep ASP team members up to speed with this "quick study" Put all of your ASP Planning team members "in the know" with the Introduction Keep all of your team members on track with this visual reminder of the process This comprehensive OD resource is a powerful aid to consultants engaged in implementing strategic planning with organizational-planning teams. The Kit is based on the ASP model that consists of two ongoing phases: Environmental Monitoring and Application Considerations, and nine sequential steps that the planning team follows: Planning to Plan Values Scan Mission Formulation Strategic Business Modeling Performance Audit Gap Analysis Integrating Action Plans Contingency Planning Implementation "We have been using the [Applied Strategic Planning] process in our agency and it has helped us...

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