Обложка книги Business Barometers for Anticipating Conditions

Business Barometers for Anticipating Conditions

ISBN: 0766160890;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing

1928. This book discusses business barometers used in the management of business and investment of money. It is a textbook on applied economics for merchants, bankers and investors. Neither this book nor any other can aid a banker, merchant or investor to become rich within a short time. Nobody knows or can know what conditions or prices are to exist within a few weeks or even months, and 95% of the men who endeavor to take advantage of these monthly movements never make much headway. These major movements can be foretold if one will spend the necessary time and money in studying fundamental conditions. Therefore, a fortune is within the grasp of every reader of this book who has and uses the necessary figures. Illustrated with many charts.

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