Обложка книги Business Continuity Planning Methodology

Business Continuity Planning Methodology


ISBN: 0973372508;
Издательство: Sentryx

"An in-depth step-by-step guide to help you develop, test, and maintain your business continuity plan." The business continuity planning process consists of six key stages: 1. Risk management 2. Business impact analysis 3. Business continuity strategy development 4. Business continuity plan development 5. Business continuity plan testing 6. Business continuity plan maintenance Although there are many publications that explain business continuity planning, very few provide detailed methods on how to implement it; even fewer cover implementation of all six stages. Business Continuity Planning Methodology is a single, comprehensive, text that explains the principles of business continuity planning and presents an easy to follow step-by-step methodology to implement its six stages. The methodology considers protection of mission critical business processes, resources, and services. It focuses on key resources such as IT systems and...