Обложка книги Company Analysis: Determining Strategic Capability

Company Analysis: Determining Strategic Capability


ISBN: 5-8459-0481-1; 0471494542; 9780471494546;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 282

It is vital for organisations to use company analysis to gain understanding of their limiting and enabling factors and strategic capabilities. Profits can then be maximised by selecting the most effective strategies, and through successful implementationof mergers, acquisitions and divestment opportunities. In this book Jenster and Hussey move away from the opinion based SWOT analysis commonly used, to provide a more objective step-by-step approach to objectively analysing an organisation. This important task is clearly explained, with information helpfully displayed in diagrams, and checklists of critical questions provided. In addition to the key, functional areas of management, corporate-wide approaches such as core competencies, critical successfactors, industry analysis and the value chain are also examined. The book is illuminated with examples from the authors' own experiences, resulting in a practical and effective approach which will provide a foundation for corporate...

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