Обложка книги Competitors: Outwitting, Outmaneuvering, and Outperforming

Competitors: Outwitting, Outmaneuvering, and Outperforming

ISBN: 0471295620; 9780471295624;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 576

Does your business, like many of today's leading companies, make these dangerous competitive mistakes? Take actions as if competitors did not exist Collect extensive competitor data but fail to convert it into insights about competitors' current and potential actions Fail to project competitors' likely strategies and moves Ask the wrong questions about the strategies and actions of current and emerging competitors Conduct competitor analysis separately from strategic thinking To prepare your business for market rivalry in the twenty-first century you need an approach to competitor analysis and intelligence that far surpasses the best practices in most organizations today. You need Competitors. In Competitors, international strategy guru Liam Fahey provides a new integrated, comprehensive method for analyzing the competition. Called competitor learning, the method is the product of Fahey's 15 years of consulting, researching, and teaching...