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Peter Docherty, Jan Forslin, A. B. Shani

Creating Sustainable Work Systems: Emerging Perspectives and Practice

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ISBN: 0415285763
Издательство: Routledge
Current trends reveal that the increasing intensity at work has major consequences at individual, organizational and societal levels. The balance between intensive and sustainable work must be achieved, yet there are no guiding models, theories or examples on how this can be realized. Creating Sustainable Work Systems: Emerging Perspectives & Practice explores the development of sustainable work systems by analysing intensity problems and providing the basis for designing and implementing sustainable solutions. The increased intensity of work is not only claiming a human toll but is also having an adverse effect on the quality of operations and business. New organizational approaches to work are needed and these 'sustainable work systems' are based on the idea of regeneration and development of human and social resources. This book sheds light on the emerging work systems and describes the existing problems and paradoxes. The researchers, from various academic disciplines and...
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