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Ellen Flynn-Heapes

Creating Wealth: Principles and Practices for Design Firms

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ISBN: 0967569605
Издательство: Sparks: The Center for
A savvy, succinct approach to creating value and respect in the design industry by one of its gurus, Ellen Flynn-Heapes. She begins by blasting seven commonly-held assumptions that keep us from gaining real ground, including the unquestioned and distracting glamour of expansion and diversification. She also lays out the essentials of industry economics and trends, highlighting those that will prevail well through the internet age. Her research reveals four pivotal wealth-creating behaviors: 1) passionate focus, 2) rigorous client selection, 3) systematic innovation, and 4) high credibility. She illustrates, through examples drawn from well-known firms, how six different company cultures can effectively apply these principles.
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