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Colin D. Lewis

Demand Forecasting and Inventory Control : A Computer Aided Learning Approach (Oliver Wight Manufacturing)

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ISBN: 0471253383
Издательство: Wiley
A practical, hands-on reference to the latest tools and techniques of demand forecasting Presenting an up-to-date overview of demand forecasting, this comprehensive primer is an ideal resource for those who need in-depth information and hands-on training. Covering the latest developments in field techniques—and featuring software that includes helpful short-term forecasting models and inventory control scenarios—Demand Forecasting and Inventory Control includes complete details on: Forecasting in stationary demand situations Medium-term forecasting for growth and seasonality Implementing the re-order level (ROL) policy Using the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) to establish replenishment quantity values Interpretingservice levels based on simple statistical concepts Establishing the value of the review period and maximum stock level Selecting the most appropriate inventory control policy OPSCON—a computer-friendly learning...
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