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Editors of PC Magazine

e-Business Essentials : Successful e-Business Practices - From the Experts at PC Magazine

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ISBN: 078972474X
Издательство: Pearson Education
The staff of PC Magazine has developed special talents and created a special focus on e-business. They produce practical and comprehensive explanations of the entire e-business process, from e-purchasing through production management and on to customer relationship management. They have developed expertly designed infographics, detailed information, and comprehensive explanations along with practical insight and hints. Readers will learn the challenges and problems met by e-business, an e-business vocabulary, the practical fundamentals of e-business systems, the major players, and many tips on deployment. e-Business Essentials is for business managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking to implement and expand e-commerce in their business. Its also for start-up companies and small business owners.
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