Обложка книги Hurdle : The Book on Business Planning Millenium Edition

Hurdle : The Book on Business Planning Millenium Edition


ISBN: 0966489144;
Издательство: Palo Alto Software

Clear the Planning Hurdle The Hurdle book is Tim Berry's latest, a practical step-by-step guide to a business plan you can take to the bank and implement in your company. The Hurdle book includes a 53 page workbook to capture your information as you progress through your business plan. Do it Yourself Learn how to develop a complete business plan, with text, tables, and charts, in simple understandable steps. Learn how to understand business numbers. Everything you need, from profit and loss to cash flow to balance sheet and ratios, all laid out in simple terms and practical examples. Learn to Manage and Implement Your Plan Includes concrete, detailed advice on how to actually manage and implement your plan. Also includes two sample plans, plan comparisons, as well as sections on starting your business, financing a business, and running your business.

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